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NEWMAN NewFlo™ Custom Designed Diaphragm Manufactuer 

We are an OEM diaphragm manufacturer. Precision fit and designed for for your Custom or OEM valves, Newman NewFlo™ diaphragms deliver exceptional performance in today’s demanding pharmaceutical processing environment.

More valve manufacturers are choosing Newman Diaphragms, LLC to make diaphragms for their high purity processing valves! The combination of our unmatched, established, certified, proprietary materials and our technical and manufacturing expertise are making Newman custom Diaphragms the choice in the high purity processing world. Newman OEM Diaphragms can help you with your new and existing product offerings:

Are you an established valve manufacturer?

Compare our materials, features, quality and pricing. We are your value leader.

Are you just getting started in the industry? Do you have a new valve design?

Newman materials are already known and trusted around the world. Because our proprietary materials are often already in product contact in your customer’s process (in the form of Newman O-rings and gaskets), getting your new valve design approved and qualified is quicker, simpler and less expensive for everyone! Your new design can be introduced into sensitive processes faster. Trust Newman to support you from design and development all the way through to full production! We can help make your dream valve a reality!

Newman NewFlo™ diaphragm

Consider all the benefits:

  • Technical and Manufacturing Expertise
  • Already known, used and trusted materials
  • Fully certified proprietary materials (FDA, USP, and most worldwide certifications already available)
  • Faster time to market
  • Proven, tested performance

Let Newman Diaphragms, LLC help you grow your vision, grow your offerings,… and grow your business!

Newman Diaphragms LLC. (NDI) NewFlo™ Replacement Diaphragm Fact Sheet

Product Spotlight Precision fit for ITT®, Saunders® and Gemü™ valves, the NewFlo™ Replacement Diaphragm is specifically designed as a functional equivalent replacement diaphragm for weir-style valves.

Diaphragm facings use the best modified fluoropolymer, TFM™, which has been shown to have superior steam resistance and outstanding flex life. Elastomer diaphragms and backings use Newman’s high-performance, polymer-rich 2107 compound, the same material used in NSG gaskets, O-rings and OEM parts.

Product Differentiators Quality: Newman controls all materials and parts, the best grades from the best manufacturers– and its own proprietary elastomer formulations.

Reliability: Rigorous testing by third-party industry experts demonstrates long-term durability through 500 steam cycles and more than 100,000 valve cycles.

Maintenance: Less retorquing, plus increased diaphragm longevity equals less maintenance and less plant down-time.

Traceability: NewFlo™ Diaphragms are fully batch traceable at the part level – an exclusive in the industry (patent pending).

Cleanability: Smoother surface finishes provide better cleanability and sanitization.

Technical Specifications

  • USP Class VI compliant
  • FDA compliant
  • Made from TFM™ from 3M® and Newman’s premium, proprietary elastomer formulation
  • Available in single-piece and two-piece varieties

Validation of Newman’s diaphragms in your system may not require the rigorous procedures and high cost you may be facing with other replacement diaphragms. Specifically created to be substituted in your valves as functional equivalents, Newman diaphragms are precision designed and manufactured from the highest quality conforming materials already validated in the industry. We have chosen to use the best modified fluoropolymer, TFM™ (genuine Dyneon™ Hostaflon®  TFM™ from 3M®), which has been shown to have superior steam resistance and outstanding flex life. The EPDM backing is made from Newman’s premium, polymer rich 2107 compound: the same EPDM used in our gaskets, O-rings and OEM parts. You have no doubt validated at least one of our 2107 EPDM products already in use in your processing areas. Newman’s EPDM has demonstrated exceptional chemical and steam resistance and provides enhanced sealing properties. Under testing, Newman’s diaphragms have successfully performed at the lowest bonnet torque values and have not required retorqueing. This benefits service life and reduces maintenance. Newman’s EPDM has shown superior dynamic strength that translates into more cycles before changeout is needed.

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Newman Sanitary Gasket Company’s mission is to continually grow in our ability to meet our customers’ needs and improve our capabilities. We strive for excellence in quality, service, supply, distribution, and product development and performance. You can count on Newman Sanitary Gasket Company as your number one provider for all your gasket needs.

Newman NewFlo™ Diaphragms

Newman NewFlo™  Diaphragms: Setting a new standard of excellence in sanitary valve diaphragms:

  • Proven reputation
  • Proven materials
  • Proven performance
  • Unmatched traceability

Validation Binder Includes

Validation Binder includes:

  • General Compliance Test Results
  • Physical Test Results
  • USP 24-19 Testing
  • Section <87> Biological Reactivity Tests
  • Section <88> Biological Reactivity Tests
  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Certificates of Conformance

Certified Peace of Mind and Ground Breaking Traceability.

We guarantee highest quality sanitary elastomer parts available on the market.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We monitor performance with Statistical Process Control (SPC), which drives our improvement and consistency.
Rigorous Testing

Rigorous Testing

Every batch of polymer and every lot of gaskets is tested for physical properties and optically inspected to meet tolerances.


Our inspectors are the gatekeepers to our inventory of high quality sanitary gaskets and elastomer parts.
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Newman Sanitary Gasket Company is a leading manufacturer of FDA and USP Class VI seals for High Purity Process applications such as the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Dairy industries. Newman Diaphragms provides world class replacement diaphragms for ITT®, Gemü®, Saunders® and Aquasyn® valves.

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