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PFTE Gasket Manufacturing 

Not all PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is made alike. Teflon™, created by DuPont and now owned by the Chemours Company continues to be the highest standard in the industry. Used in everything from frying pans to dental floss, the toughness, high purity and non-stick nature of the Teflon™ brand is known for its excellent performance properties in almost all environmental conditions. Teflon finds broad application in the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, showing excellent resistance to heat, steam, strong acid and bases, and vegetable oils. Teflon™ is compliant with FDA and USP VI criteria as well as a host of other worldwide regulations and standards.

Newman Sanitary Gasket provides Teflon (PTFE), TFM, Silverback Gasket Manufacturing for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing industries. We only use virgin Teflon in the manufacture of our Teflon parts. We work to continually improve the performance of our Teflon products through our license agreement with Chemours to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products and service they deserve.

  • Manufactured from pure virgin Teflon® from DuPont.
  • FDA and USP Class VI compliant.
  • 3-A Certified

TFM™ Modified PTFE

TFMTM is a trademark of DyneonTM, a 3MTM company.  Almost identical in chemical composition to Teflon, TFMTM is made by adding a very small amount of a different fluorine structure to the polymer chain. This results in is an equally pure, equally chemically resistant, fluoropolymer with better properties.

  • TFMTM will not shed layers like PTFE.
  • TFMTM has less porosity than PTFE (so vapors don’t pass through as easily)
  • TFMTM holds its shape under compression better
  • TFMTM has better flexibility and flex-life
  • TFMTM compliance meets that of Teflon (FDA, USP and more)

Not all modified PTFE is made the same, and different grades give different properties and performance.  Newman has done the work to choose genuine DyneonTM TFMTM and the best grades from Dyneon for the application. Whether it is gaskets, Newman NewFloTM diaphragms, or composite parts, Newman compounds perform and last.

Silverback™ (50/50 blend of TFM™ and 316 Stainless Steel)

Take the performance of TFMTM and add low carbon, passivated, high purity Stainless Steel for stiffness, and Newman Silverback™ material is the result.

  • Silverback™ gaskets outperform other materials in continuous steam exposure
  • Silverback™ gaskets have the chemical resistance of PTFE
  • Silverback™ gaskets are FDA and USP Compliant
  • Silverback™ gaskets can be used from extreme cold to extreme heat: -110°F (-78 °C) to 400°F (204 °C)
  • Silverback™ gaskets can outlast most other materials in continuous and multi-use processes.

Although best used in fairly constant temperature processes, Newman Silverback™ can also be used with thermal swings, provided that appropriate hardware and gasket conditioning is considered. Contact Newman for technical support.

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Newman Sanitary Gasket Company’s mission is to continually grow in our ability to meet our customers’ needs and improve our capabilities. We strive for excellence in quality, service, supply, distribution, and product development and performance. You can count on Newman Sanitary Gasket Company as your number one provider for all your gasket needs.

Selecting the Right Compound

When selecting the right compound for your sealing application, several factors should influence your decision making, including chemistry, the fluids processed, temperatures and pressures, cleaning and sterilization, and regulatory and standard specifications, such as USP and FDA.

Specification sheets and more detailed chemical resistant charts are available from Newman. Newman is expertise is available in case assistance is required in selecting the most suitable compound.

We guarantee highest quality sanitary elastomer parts available on the market.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We monitor performance with Statistical Process Control (SPC), which drives our improvement and consistency.
Rigorous Testing

Rigorous Testing

Every batch of polymer and every lot of gaskets is tested for physical properties and optically inspected to meet tolerances.


Our inspectors are the gatekeepers to our inventory of high quality sanitary gaskets and elastomer parts.
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Newman Sanitary Gasket Company is a leading manufacturer of FDA and USP Class VI seals for High Purity Process applications such as the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Dairy industries. Newman Diaphragms provides world class replacement diaphragms for ITT®, Gemü®, Saunders® and Aquasyn® valves.

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