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Viton Seal Manufacturing 

Understanding “Vitons” (FKMs)

Although “Viton” has become the industry name for all FKM’s (the ASTM D1418 designation for fluorinated rubber Compounds), it is actually a trademark of DuPont™/Chemours Company. The “Viton™” line consists of dozens of fluorinated rubber resins using different chemistries. Of these, Newman has compounded three of these FDA compliant materials into FDA/USP tested materials. Since DuPont’s creation of Viton™, other companies have made FKMs. Often, these do not meet the quality standards of genuine Viton™. Using genuine Newman high performing compounds made from genuine VitonTM will help ensure that your seals have the highest chemical resistance and last the longest in the industry.

Newman Quality Viton Compounds

Newman a Viton A, GF & ETP Gasket Manufacturer, creates its Viton™ seals and FKM gaskets from proprietary compounds made with genuine Viton™ resins from Chemours.  This results in excellent mechanical, chemical, heat and steam resistance (all USP grades tested to 500 clean steam sanitization cycles). Although originally known for excellence in the petroleum and automotive industries, Viton™ now finds wide application in the food, beverage, and biopharmaceutical processing industries. With excellent long-term durability, Newman Viton compounds are found in many pump and agitator mechanical seals where years of continuous use is required.  Unlike Teflon™ (PTFE), they can also be used in vacuum service due to their excellent sealing properties and low gas permeability. With somewhat limited low temperature flexibility, some grades have still been used in static sealing applications down to -65°F(-53°C).  Viton™’s upper temperature limit is stellar: allowing use to 450°F (232 °C) and 600°F (315 °C) short term.

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Newman Sanitary Gasket Company’s mission is to continually grow in our ability to meet our customers’ needs and improve our capabilities. We strive for excellence in quality, service, supply, distribution, and product development and performance. You can count on Newman Sanitary Gasket Company as your number one provider for all your gasket needs.

Viton™ A (fluorocarbon rubber)

The most cost-effective Viton™ compounds from Newman are made with Viton™ A.  Representing the bulk what the high purity industry uses when FKM oil resistance is needed, most AS568 standard O-rings sizes, sanitary clamp gaskets and cord profiles have immediate availability from Newman. Newman Viton A also has excellent steam resistance unlike many other FKMs on the market. However, Viton™ A has limited use in basic solutions and with ketones and esters… enter Viton™ with APA architecture!

Viton™ “GF” and Viton™ “ETP” made with Advanced Polymer Architecture (APA) 

In response to the need for FKMs with better base and chemical resistance than Viton™ A, Newman Sanitary Gasket Co offers proprietary compounds made with Viton™ Advanced Polymer Architecture (APA).  Among these are Newman compounds containing Viton™ GF and Viton™ ETP.

Newman compounds made with Viton™ GF are peroxide-cured and show enhanced resistance to basic cleaning solutions (e.g. caustic) often used in the food and biotech industries. Viton™ GF also has better resistance to aromatics used in food processing. Newman proprietary Viton™ GF compounds still retain their excellent steam resistance and long-term durability.

Viton™ ETP reaches the pinnacle of chemical resistance for FDA and USP compliant compounds for use in high purity industries. With good resistance to acids, bases, and many esters, ketones and amines, Viton™ ETP may be a lower cost alternative for demanding processing situations like natural flavorings and harvesting areas of biopharm processing.

DuPont/Chemours and Newman proprietary compounding is the answer to your challenging demands for long lasting high purity seals with resistance to high temperatures and the broadest range of chemicals.

Selecting the Right Compound

When selecting the right compound for your sealing application, several factors should influence your decision making, including chemistry, the fluids processed, temperatures and pressures, cleaning and sterilization, and regulatory and standard specifications, such as USP and FDA.

Specification sheets and more detailed chemical resistant charts are available from Newman. Newman is expertise is available in case assistance is required in selecting the most suitable compound.

We guarantee highest quality sanitary elastomer parts available on the market.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We monitor performance with Statistical Process Control (SPC), which drives our improvement and consistency.
Rigorous Testing

Rigorous Testing

Every batch of polymer and every lot of gaskets is tested for physical properties and optically inspected to meet tolerances.


Our inspectors are the gatekeepers to our inventory of high quality sanitary gaskets and elastomer parts.
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Newman Sanitary Gasket Company is a leading manufacturer of FDA and USP Class VI seals for High Purity Process applications such as the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Dairy industries. Newman Diaphragms provides world class replacement diaphragms for ITT®, Gemü®, Saunders® and Aquasyn® valves.

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